Thursday, July 16, 2009

Countdown to the best anticipated weekend ever!: MU coming to town beb!!

Bz nye... X sempat gua nak update blog...

Yesterday afternoon in England, the whole team which take part in MU Asia tour has depart from England to KLIA Msia. Expected ETA by Friday morning Msia time.

Later in the evening. 5.30pm as per schedule unless any last minutes changes, the MU team will train @ Bukit Jalil Stadium. Will definitely be there.

Tomorrow evening same time will be the big match. Of course ar gua sokong MU. Bosan ar sokong team Msia. Stakat Zimbabwe, ble ar menang.

Gua really hope the pitch is in good condition. If x, jadi cam aper Chelsea player/coach ckp - padang yg merbahaya. Ble injured kan player. Buat malu jer... and this is the best stadium that we have? Tgk ler padang tuh nanti. Mesti berlopak sane, berlopak sini. Bertampal sane, bertampal sini. Kompem x ble pass bola grounder...mesti melompat2 bola tuh... Itulah kelebihan player Msia. Hope diorg pandai gunakan kelebihan ni.

Gua x tau ler player Msia mane yg x sabo nak abis game. Ingat lagi time MU dtg 2001 kot. Ahmad Shahrul Azhar siap ble lompat2 (catch by the camera) pas Beckham tukar baju dgn dia. Ape la... dah la ko tuh kapten team mase tuh... Ble ar buat perangai mcm tuh depan worldwide audience yg tgk game tuh (if ader yg tgk ler dr luar Msia). X sabo nk tgk sape nak tukar jersey ngan Michael Owen. huhuhu

Byk actually gua nak x sempat ar.. Pas tgk game tu nanti gua update lagi entry nih.. In the meantime, for those yg pegi tgk game tuh... C u there. Yg x pegi... er..korg maybe ade other xtvt lagi penting like sambut ur new born baby, ader family gathering (which gua x pegi...huhu), ader wedding and of coz..becoz ur an ABU.


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