Sunday, July 12, 2009

Michael Jackson: Rest In Piece dear King of Pop

When erma & me @ Raub, I sometime check my mukabuku via my nokia. Most of the shout out were written about Michael Jackson is dead. I dunno whether to believe or not as we were bz with Gudik's (Adi family name) wedding.
Then bile tgk berita di tv, baru ler gua tau yg MJ mmg betul2 dah mati. Reason of his death...until now still unsolved. Its kinda bring up back memory of what ppl talking about when Elvis Presley dead. Whether he were trully dead or not. Then gua pk...betul ke MJ dah mati or maybe bcoz of what he is going through skrg ni (in past tense if he is really dead) issue on his Neverland ranch etc...or maybe what happen to his body...who knows, right? But for the time being... biarlah gua pk yg dia betul2 dah mati.
I grow up listening to his song. Gua still remember yg mak gua crite gua mase kecik dulu suke nyanyi... Nyanyi lagu hindustan (gara2 parents suke tgk hindustan, anaknye yg hapal lagu yado ki barat...huhu) and lagu MJ. Mak gua ckp time gua nyanyi lagu MJ, yg dia dgr were "nananana....beat it" beat it jer yg betul. yg lain ntahapapantah gua nyanyi...huhu..
Gua siap ble takut ar biler tgk video clip thriller beb! huhu...memalukan jer...but thats the fact. Gua mmg dgr lagu2 dia. Antara lagu dia yg gua suke smpai skrg:
  1. Billie Jean.
  2. Beat It.
  3. Bad.
  4. Black or White.
  5. Smooth Criminal.
  6. We are the world.
  7. Do You Remember The Time.
  8. You Rock My World.
  9. You are not Alone.

Ader ar sket sedeh bile dgr he has gone. finito. Eventho gua x pegi konsert dia mase dia dtg msia in 1996, but gua still rase he is the best performer on stage. Dgn his trademark dance move: The moonwalk. Sape dlm dunia ni ble create such a euphoria bile buat concert or buat aper je la even to his own body like what MJ buat. He's the 1st artist buat video clip berdrama, sign deal with Pepsi utk jd pioneer artist become the spokeperson for endorsement mcm ape yg C. Ronaldo dgn Nike, Messi dgn Adidas, Kobe Bryant dgn Nike etc. And of coz..who can forget that he's going out with Brooke Shield: the hottest babe during the 80~early 90's era! He is most definitely the King of Pop. no question about it.

Question is whether betul ker x dia convert to muslim or not jer. Whether betul ke dia tukar nama to Mikael remain unsolve. But according to his brother which already convert to Muslim, mmg dia dah convert. If that's the case, pengebumian dia should be Islamic not the way the memorial diorg buat on Wednesday early morning..Look more Christian than Islamic...but one thing that touch me mase memorial tu are the unveiling the faces of MJ children which mase dia hidup dulu, dia protect tahap gaban ar rupe anak2 dia dr press. And of coz the emotional speech by Paris Katherine Michael Jackson:

The world has lost one of its greatest artist, singer, entertainer, wacko, daddy...u name it. That's Michael Jackson to you....

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