Wednesday, July 08, 2009

RON92? RON95? RON97?: apekah semua ini??

Come 1st September 2009, fuel price in Malaysia will be adjust to RM2.00/liter for RON97 & the introduction of RON95 to replace RON92. Price for RON95 will be RM1.75/liter.

For most of us, we will think that why the gomen want to increase the fuel price again when the world crude oil was just recently increase and currently at USD65 per barrel, right? And y does gomen need to introduce RON95 to replace RON92 which most of us never use for our vehicles?Can RON95 be use to my car?

All this question are common to all of us, but first... we need to understand what kinda fuel we are using for our vehicles.

First & foremost, all petrol fuel sell in Malaysia are unleaded. There are no more leaded fuel being sold at any petrol pump. There are only 2 type of petrol sell in Malaysia. RON92 & RON97.

If u r using Shell to fuel ur vehicle engine, u will use either Shell Super (Green colour) or V-Power (Red or sometime Blue). FYI, both Super & V-Power r RON97. The differences between these two are the mix ratio of the additives. At certain Shell petrol station, u can find either Shell Super or Regular (Red). U might think that the Regular is a leaded fuel, but it's actually not. Regular is RON92.

Left is Shell Super. Right is Shell Regular

If u r using Petronas, they also got 2 variance of fuel. Primax which is RON97 & Prima which is RON92. Again, Prima is not leaded fuel. It is unleaded fuel as well. If ur living in Putrajaya, u can try using the RON95 at selected Petronas there. Selling at RM1.70/liter.

If ur using BH Petrol or Caltex, they also are selling 2 kind of fuel. Which is Silver 92 & Gold 97. At first I thought that the 9 is the latest compare to 92 due to its resemblance with year '97. Heheh...was I really wrong eh? hehe.

So now since u already understand (kinda of) what kinda fuel that all along ur using, can u change it from using RON97 fuel to RON95? Definitely yes if ur car r make after year 2000. Most of the vehicles nowadays r using EFI or Electronic Fuel Injection compare to b4 year 2000 where most of the cars previously using Carburator. It is actually no harm at all if we use RON95 unless u dont care about the additional cost of using RON97. But if u want to use RON95 and ur car r using Carburator, then you need to add ignition timing adjustment fix in order not to make ur car hick up.

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