Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bye bye Ron: Hello ₤80M, new old player!

Bye bye Ron!

Does Ronaldo worth every penny of the world record ₤80m transfer to Real? As a MU fanatic fan, gua rasa Fergie mesti senyum smpai ke telinga dgn that world transfer record. Iyelah…Fergie beli Ronaldo dr Sporting Lisbon dgn ₤12M jer. Selepas 6 tahun & 1 FIFA World player of the year, European player of the year & 2 BPL player of the season…Ronaldo worth ₤80M. Even Zidane pun x mahal mcm tuh!!
As a MU fan gak, gua tentulah sedih tgk die blah. Tp x larat ar tgk setiap end of season jer…mesti ade speculation mcm ni. So its good that the speculation has laid to rest. At least b4 MU become a one man army (where Ronaldo will become the only inspiration or point of attack by MU), its better to offload him. MU is not a one man army. We have proved that we are playing as a team and not depending on one person only.
So what will happen to MU after Ronaldo left? Will MU suffer like all ABU (anything but United) ppl say? In a way, MU will suffer of coz at the early stage of next season. But later on as the season build up, MU will build up the pace again. Just like when we lost Eric the King. The following season we finish 2nd behind Arsenal with a single point. And guess what happen the following season? We won the treble!

Hot in MU transfer list

With ₤80m in the bag and Glazer approval for Fergie to spent every penny of it, who will Fergie spent on? On my transfer wishlist, I really would like to see Karim Benzema to play for MU & signing Tevez for a permanent deal. Well, from the news all around the field, Fergie would like to sign Valencia, Ribery & Benzema. Valencia most definitely will be sign before the end of next week. On Ribery… Cilaka betul Uli Hueness, ader die kata Bayern will only sell Ribery if MU willing to pay ₤90M!! Aper die ingat Ribery tuh mcm Ronaldo ker. If that’s the price that Bayern can only sell Ribery, x payah pon xpe. MU wont spent that big mount of money in order to satisfy some crazy president. We are not like Real Madrid.

Are you serious Uli?

Gua also like to see Rooney, Hargreaves & Berbatov to play more crucial role in the side next season. Kesian Rooney, he always need to sacrifice for the team. It is time for him to step up and show the world that why MU pay ₤28m for him. As for Hargreaves, he is definitely itching to play again after a frustration season due to injury. He is the player that I love to have in my team sbb he will protect our defensive line superbly. X termasuk marking important opponent player smpai tension ar player tuh!. Berba plak dah tentu nak silence all his critics as another MU flops. FYI, this season Berba x maen kat his potent position – The main striker. Like Rooney, Berba pon kena sacrifice utk play as a 2nd striker which is Rooney fav position just behind Tevez or Ron. Now with Ron has left, its Berba & Rooney chance to steal all the limelight.
As for Benzema if he is sign by MU, he will start where Ron play: the flanks. He play more like Zidane with Henry predator instinct. But my real concern is the left flank. Who will replace Giggsy to play there? Problem is…gua xder any candidate for that position. Maybe Adam Ljabicic can play there or maybe Nani. Since Ron is no more, I hope Nani can step out of Ron shadow and prove his mettle.


j or ji said...

aku tak terulas hal Ron ni,tapi aku setuju 100% dengan ulasan kau.
Ron is great.Freekick dia bisa menggegar jantung pihak lawan.Bila dia main,level of confident pun tinggi.

tapi,kalau dia takda, MU will survive,itu aku sangat konfident! Dgn Rooney, letak sapa pun main tengah,akan ada peluang gol!

moze said...

Nak ke x nak, kena ulas gak bro... byk mulut ABU ingat gua ni sokong MU sbb Ronaldo... kompem ar diorg x kenal gua... pape pon, gua x sabo tg MU dtg Mesia!

j or ji said...

gua dah beli 2 tiket...dgn free training pass! jumpa sana!