Tuesday, June 30, 2009

6th Movie: Transformers 2 Revenge of The Fallen

Yes... the movie I've been waiting for has arrived. The sequel to the 2007 movie has hit the cinema from 24th June arituh. Gua mmg excited nak tgk, but due to my tight schedule as well as kena tgk mood ibu mengandung, its kinda hard for me to sesuka hati buat plan on my own. Luckily that last Sunday, kitorg xder wat pape. So dpt ar gua book & watch the movie at my favourite cinema: Cathay Cineplexes Damansara with Ema & Ojed.
Well... from the title itself as well as the trailer that being shown all over the world prior to the movie, we know that Decepticon are coming back with a vengeance against Autobots as well as human being.

Lots of review as well as frens who have watch the movie rated the movie as a so-so only. But from my perspective. Its definitely the best movie of the year!! Without a doubt. With all the Autobots vs. Decepticon brawl, the agony of watching Prime die and being revive back by Sam with the Matrix of Leadership. The owh-so-lovely Megan Fox....well I'm definitely going to watch this movie again!!
Movie Review: Starscream are back, he bring along his big Decepticon troops consist of Soudwave (tracking all the satellite signal), Demolisher (the big bots with the big tyre in Shanghai), Devastator (who try to unearth the sun harvester), Rampage (kidnap Sam's parents) and of coz, Megatron.
The Autobots showcase the twin: Skids & mudflaps (yg lawak tp bagus gak), Sideswipe (Nice Chevy Corvette Stingray), Ironhide & Ratchet (from the 1st movie), Jetfire (the awesome blackbird - defect to Autobots: one of the old school Transformers) & of coz, all hail to Optimus Prime.
Leader of Decepticon: The Fallen would like to take his revenge and has set sight on Earth to do his bid to destroy the Earth by killing the sun to harvest the sun power to grow new transformers since Allsparks has been demolish by Optimus Prime onto Megatron. Seems like The Fallen is one of the six great Prime who evil has consume him and he want to take all the power to himself without sharing with the other 5. Its only another Prime can defeat Prime. So its up to Optimus to defeat The Fallen.
The Fallen
On another side, Sam has enter college and meet Leo: his new roommate who thing he is the coolest dude in the world. Leo is so hillarious especially during Sam, Reggie aka Robowarrior (former agent from sector 7 in the 1st movie), Mikaela in search of the translation of what Sam write or so call download when he accidently activate the piece of Allsparks. And then all hell break lose when the Decepticon found out that Sam has the clue on the Matrix or the sun harvester whereabout. During this time, its like watching National treasure but in a bigger scale. This is when Jetfire help Sam to figure out the clue as well as transport them to the place where the harvester as well as the Matrix located.
Part yg best are during handicap match between Optimus vs Megatron, Starscream & ntah sape ntah, then Optimus vs. The Fallen: mind u during this fight, Jetfire give his allspark to Prime and make Prime like God Ginrai: If you follow Transformer you should know what I mean. (Optimus Prime equip with things that can make him fly and more powerful). Mmg best!!
Part yg mcm kureng sket is that Optimus Prime mcm hebat gile baban ar... Coz even Megatron pun mcm lauk jer. Maybe nak tunjukkan yg Optimus Prime ni sama taraf ngan The Fallen kot.

Jetfire: Lawak seh Transformer pakai tongkat! wakaka
In the end of coz: Good will prevail against the evil. If you like the cartoon Transformer, I believe you like the movie. If you never like the cartoon, I believe you would not like the movie. Not the 1st neither the 2nd.

From 5 star, I would give 6 if I can. But since there are only 5, so I give 5. Great movie!!! If the 1st movie, I watch...like 4 times. I wonder how many time Im going to watch the sequel....

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