Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Maka bermula lah my Bz weekender

Well.... for the 1st weekend of my bz schedule for the next two month, its not tha bz as much as I anticipated.... Sepatutnye me & erma kena pegi nikah & bersanding event for jiran sebelah my PIL kat Rawang. My PIL turun naik van with a few other jiran dr selama. FYI, relationship "jiran" kat my PIL hometown more of like my relative punye relationship - rapat.
Apparently my PIL go direct to the nikah event on Saturday and ask us to come on sunday bersanding event jer....
Its not that bz smpai sempat ar gua tgk Button menang lagi & Federer rewrite history by becoming the 6th player to win 14th grand slam title and finally...win Roland Garros. The only tournament which always stay away from him due to Nadal always beat him in every year final before this.

Gua dah start bosan tgk f1 skrg nih.. bkn sbb Ferrari teruk sgt.. but sbb its as almost certain that Button will win this year drivers title unless he dont finish the rest of the season punye race. Hope that by next season, all the other constructor can catch up with Brawn & Red Bull. If not, kureng ler penonton f1 next season.

On another note, x tau ler mcmane... sbb main ps2 tgh2 mlm kot (lalok ar tuh..) gua teraccidently delete gua punye Become a legend file which contain gua jd player terhebat di dunia buat kali ke-3 berturut2 utk Manchester United. Bengang gile!!! So terpakse ler gua start balik semula. From scratch that is. Skrg nih gua br berumor 20 tahun. Gua start playing kat Wigan Athletics, then berhijrah ke Itali utk bermain utk Torino. Dan skrg nih.. playing for ntah team aper kat Primeara Liga. Jersey colour pink...wakaka!!! gua join pon as a stepping stone for MU scout to find me. heheh
So thats how my weekend abis. Next week, blk muo & gemas. Wedding lagie!!!

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