Sunday, March 01, 2009

Exora updates...

Tentu ramai yg nak tau bape ramai yg dah book, kan? as far as last week is concern, so far dah 800+ yg dah book. For those yg x tau bape booking fee, its rm1k.
Dr sumber dlmn Proton memetik bahawa about 40%yg dah book are chinese. This is an achievement by Proton as sblm ni jumlah chinese yg bookg their model line up during launching are less than that figures. So does this mean that the consumers kepercayaan kpd Proton dah kenbali?
Out of 800+ yg dah bookg tuh, 20 yg terawal telah dibawa oleh Proton ke kilang pembuatan MPV tersebut utk melihat sendiri proses pembuatan MPV yg bakal mereka beli. Setelah plant tour tu, mereka berpeluang utk memandu uji sendiri Exora bg memuaskan hati mereka. And all of them are really satisfied with the test drive. So hope that all Proton supplier plus themselves can prove to the public that they have change and provide their customers the best product ever!

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