Saturday, March 21, 2009

Proton Exora updates.. #3

Booking are slow for Exora. So far... 1.8K booking has been secured.

Paul Tan has reveal a lot of gadgets which will be equip dgn Exora Hi-Line antaranye:

Proton Exora Body Control Module
  • Battery saver for room lamps, luggage and key ring illumination. These turn off after 30 seconds to ensure they do not make your battery flat if for some reason they are left in a situation where they are on all the time.
  • Follow-me-home headlamps stay on for a certain period of time to help light up your walkway when you park and want to enter your house.
  • The battery level for the remote key is indicated on the car’s instrument panel briefly when you turn the ignition on. The remote key has a range of 20 meters.
  • The remote control will not work if your front door is not closed. The vehicle will also remind you if you activate a remote command if the rear door is not closed.
  • There is a door open indicator on the instrument panel that indicates exactly which door, engine bay hood or rear hatch is not closed.
  • There is a door opening warning when you reach a speed of 7km/h if any doors are open.
  • Tap feature for the signal indicator stalk. This is similiar to alot of modern cars - you just have to tap the indicator stalk (not press fully) for the signal to flash 3 times to indicate a lane change and stop automatically, no need to press fully to turn on and reach for it again to deactivate it.
  • Dim-in and dim-out feature for the interior room lamps - Proton says this is better for the eyes at night and it also adds a certain touch of class. The interior room lamps turn off automatically after you lock the car, or they also stay on for 30 seconds and then fade out in 2.8 seconds. When you unlock the car, the room light fade-in in 3.4 seconds.
  • Front and rear wiper washer drip wiping - automatically wipe to remove excess water. What happens is when you operate the front washer, it will wipe 4 times and then pause for 5 seconds and then wipe one more time, to remove all the excess water effectively. This is because some of the washer liquid from the top of the windscreen will slowly drip down after the initial wiping, so the last wipe completely removes the washer water.
  • Programmable front wiper interval. This can be anything from 1 seconds to 25 seconds. The default is 4 seconds. This is how you program it - you put it into INT and then back to off. Then you wait for the duration you want and turn switch it to INT again. The time duration you waited will become the new interval, up to a max of 25 seconds.
    The rear wiper turns on automatically when you engage reverse gear if your front wipers are on.
  • If in SLOW mode, the front wiper changes mode to INT mode when you bring the MPV to a complete stop, let’s say in a traffic jam in the rain.
  • The remote unlocks the drivers door only if pushed once - probably push twice to unlock all doors. Apparently you are able to configure this to unlock all doors at once by default.
  • There is an alarm activation history kept but I am not sure how to access it, perhaps only at the service center.
  • The doors will lock automatically once you reach a speed of 20km/h.
    The doors will unlock automatically once you remove the key from the key barrel.
    All doors unlock automatically upon a crash via a signal coming from the airbag control unit.
  • If you perform any sudden braking at speeds of at least 96km/h, the hazard lights will flash automatically.

Launching date will be on the 15th April 2009. So korg ble ar tgk kat Proton Edar or EON on that day.

Byk ckp yg mengatakan Exora ni underpower due to using 1.6 CamPro CPS engine. Even reporters yg dpt opportunity test drive pon x brani nak kata yg Exora can run smoothly on steep hill. That is why Proton are making comparison between Exora vs Livina. But 1 thing for sure.... Gue yakin yg features ade pd Exora mampu memikat org ramai. Tgk jer la mcm kat atas ni. Mmg awesome!. Last year mase project kick off, I told my wife that if kitorg nak bli MPV, then this will be it. Tp mase tuh my wife ckp mcm2 yg x best ar. Tp, skrg mcm die plak yg interested. hehe...

1 more thing... as I mention in my previous post, Proton are in the midst of studying to upgrade its CamPro CPS to CamPro CPS turbocharge engine making the engine with 1.6l to 1.8l!. So that is why i'm waiting for the facelift version of Exora somewhere next year.

Proton are putting a lot of effort on this model during this hard time. So they are really hoping that Exora will be their lucky charms that will help them pass this trouble time. Hope that they are right...

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