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February'09 Auto Sales trend

Nmpknye masih ramai yg membeli dan menjual kereta. Eventho, keadaan ekonomi semasa yg merudum ditambah plak pihak bank yg semakin strict dlm meluluskan high purchase loan sepatutnye jualan keta amatlah rendah.
Mungkin disebabkan initiatif yg diambil oleh Proton & Perodua dlm meyakinkan MITI bhw mereka ada jln penyelesaian bagi mengelakkan warga Malaysia berhenti membeli kereta ada mmbuahkan sedikit hasil.
FYI, Proton (gue x tau whether Perodua perticipate ker x) ader memohon pakej ransangan dr pihak kerajaan berupa duit & juga scrapping old car proposal seperti yg mereka sedang lakukan dlm program xxchange Proton yg sudah mengambil tempat lebih dr setahun. Lebih dr 1k kereta Proton lebih dr 10 tahun telah berjaya di'scrap' dlm program ini. For those yg x tau, xxchange prgm is a prgm where the owner of an old Proton car-be it Saga or Iswara or even Tiara- can exchange with a new Proton car i.e Satria Neo or Gen 2 or Waja or Savvy or Perdana plus RM500 cash. The new car i.e Satria Neo bla..bla.. tuh bkn lah free2 jer tukar. Korg akan dpt waiver of the dp & free 1st year insurans & road tax jer ..if gue x silap ar. If silap..sorry ar beb!.
So in the proposal... Proton bagi additional cash worth up to RM5000 in order to exchange to a new Proton car. Tp make sure ur car still ble jln & kena cek kat PUSPAKOM dulu b4 ble participate dlm prgm ni & other rules & regulations dat u need to adhere in order to participate in the prgm. Proton is investing heavily in this xtvt smpai diorg nak set up a scrap facility + PUSPAKOM kat Tg. Malim bg menjayakan prgm ni.
So back to Feb'09 sales. Here are the top 10 brand for Feb'09:
  1. Perodua - 12,216 units.
  2. Proton - 9,317 units.
  3. Toyota - 5,273 units.
  4. Honda - 2,919 units.
  5. Nissan - 2,023 units.
  6. Naza - 666 units.
  7. Mitsubishi - 389 units.
  8. Isuzu - 347 units.
  9. Inokom - 296 units.
  10. Suzuki - 283 units.

Total TIV for Feb'09 are 35,343 units or 3% drop compare to Jan'09 sales. For top 10 models for passenger car (dlm kurungan adalah rank overall) plak:

  1. Myvi - 6,435 units.
  2. Viva - 5,200 units.
  3. Saga - 5,015 units.
  4. Persona - 2,977 units.
  5. Vios - 1,915 units.
  6. City - 1,737 units.
  7. (10) Accord - 422 units.
  8. (11) Civic - 380 units.
  9. (12) Camry - 369 units.
  10. (13) Kancil - 364 units.

Nmpknye Viva berjaya retain its 2nd spot setelah diambil alih oleh Saga pd bln Jan'09 & City slip to 6th setelah kembali dirampas oleh Vios. Utk segment MPV plak (dlm kurungan adalah rank overall):

  1. (7) Livina - 1,065 units.
  2. (8) Avanza - 1,042 units.
  3. (14) Innova - 361 units.
  4. (31) Citra - 144 units.

To my surprise, xder listed dlm top 40 model pon utk model Naza Ria or Citra Rondo. Nmpknye, Proton planning of launching Exora pd 15th April ni samaada dinantikan oleh pembeli segment MPV or satu petande yg org ramai telah slow dlm xtvt upgrade or changing their vehicle to a new one dgn maintaining whatever that they get until the world economy back to the right track.

Updates on Exora... Sepatutnya ending March'09, sebyk lebih kurang 450 units of Exora dah bole dihantar ke Proton Edar or EON showroom through out the country. Tp nmpaknye the plan has been scrap by those vendors yg have problem with their quality of their parts supplied to Proton utk model Exora. Just imagine... out of 420 plan for March..Proton only can roll out less than 30 units! unbelieveable!! As far as the project schedule is concern, all phase of the prototype plan are running up to schedule.. tp bile masuk pre-pro... all hell broke lose. Mungkin bile volume rendah, vendors xder masalah utk provide good parts. But when the volume start to ramp up... all hell broke lose. Well... all the blame cant be put on vendor problem as well. I give a few scenario for you guys to think about it:

Scenario #1: When u expect to buy a Sony Full HD LCD TV, u will expect the price to be in the range of RM2k or above, right? bcoz we already know with expectation of Full HD + LCD + the Sony brand name carries with it, right? So can we get the quality of Sony Full HD LCD TV at a Weir (ntah brand ni wujud ker senang kate cap ayam punye tv ar) kind of price?

Scenario #2: When u develop a part. There will be certain minimum time of schedule set in order to produce the part, right? With all the rigirouos quality plus testing & not forgetting endurance test to make sure ur part is quality approve part, right? What will happen if u shorten that minimum period of time schedule bcoz to fulfill ur customer requirement? U tend to take out here & there or who knows maybe risk the quality aspect of ur part to fulfill the customer requirement when during vendor appointment stage u already notify the customer how long your so call lead-time to produce the part (& still they appoint u).

Dr 2 senario kat ataslah among the reason y skrg nie there are possibilty that those yg dah booking for Exora..about 1,600 (which 45% are from Chinese) mungkin akan dpt their MPV later than expected. 1 thing good about Proton nowadays...they do not want to risk the quality part of the product came out from their prodcution line.

So kite tunggu dan lihat saje lah apa akan terjadi nanti k...

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