Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Alhamdulillah! Erma has recover from H1N1!!

Alhamdulillah!! Syukur pada Ilahi. Ptg ni gua dpt berita yg paling gua tunggu & harapkan sepanjang minggu ni. Erma has recover from H1N1!!

Thanks to Dr. Sakinah yg confirmkan when we go for follow up medical check up ptg td. To be exact, 2pm.

Baby condition?
After the check up, actually kitorg nak g jumpa gynae kat APSH jer. Dr. Sakinah nyer staf nurse tlg buatkan apptmt dgn Dr. Faizah - Gynae d APSH. Unfortunetely...She only will be available next Tuesday jer. Xper ar. Buat jer apptmt. OTW blk umah, kitog singgah klinik yg kitorg buat monthly check up Ema & baby. Dr. Victoria kinda shock to hear Ema news and glad that Ema has recover from it. Mcm2 dia advise. Suruh byk berehat ar.. mkn byk vitamin C (1000mh per day or 2 tablet per day!) smpai give birth nnti. Dia cek Ema physically jer. She can scan. Unfortunetely she cannot tell whether the baby is ok or not. A 3D scan can determine it. Thats y she ask us to scan when meeting with Dr. Faizah di APSH next week jer. Another thing - its not advisable to do scanning slalu sgt. Takut effect baby.

Thanks to u guys yg doakan Ema & bb sihat. Gua x tau mcmane nak bls budi baik korg.

Ema dpt another 2 days MC for resting purpose. So she will be back to work on Friday. Gua? gua amik another day lagi off. Cuti sendiri. Gua pon perlu berehat gak..hehe.

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