Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Goodbye dull weekend! Coz the football season are back!!

Will MU win it again to surpass Liver record?

Weekend baru ni bermulalah kembali 1 lagi season bolasepak yg semua peminat bola tunggu2 kan. BPL are back!
Maka bermulalah kembali sesi berjaga di tgh mlm, berebut remote control, social plan disruption, sesi merajuk-pujuk. Percaya atau tidak, masa ni kami kaum Adam (& sbhgian kaum Hawa) sanggup dok rumah dari kluar rumah di mlm minggu. Sanggup dok kat mamak berejam2 tanpa kaum isteri risau lokasi suami masing2.
Tak cukup smpai bulan May 2010, sambung plak dgn musim yg 4 tahun dtg sekali-World Cup 2010 plak mengisi bln Jun 2010. Bagi those wifes/gf's yg understand their hubby's/bf madness, we men appreciate a lot! (Especially u my wife!!)
Cerita panjang jadi pendek, gua sbnrnye nak preview BPL season baru nih. Sapa yg gua rasa ada potensi & ble jadi champion & those yg masih bermimpi2 di siang hari. Well, lets start with:

This season Red Devil berwajah baru. A face of a true team. No more 1 player dominate others. For me, gua mmg appreciate all the sumbangan yg C Ronaldo buat utk MU beberapa season termasuk season lepas. But as before him. Ferguson realize that MU has almost become C Ronaldo United, like when we too depending to RV Nistelrooy for goals which end up we lost the title race to Chelsea.
Will Rooney unleash his magic now that Ronaldo has left?
With him gone, its time for others utk step up their game especially for Rooney. He has sacrifice a lot for the team. Now Fergie has let loose the leash on him. Korang akan dpt tgk Rooney potensi. He will definitely push through all barrier for MU. He is Manchester United. But he wont be like Ronaldo. Rooney is a team player while Ronaldo is a performer. Both have their pro & cons. Let see this season sapa yg outshine the other one.
Bkn Rooney jer. Berbatov, Nani, Anderson will try to prove that they can up the tempo when it matters. This season also will see Fletcher playing a bigger part in midfield. He has shown it last season.
This season will prove vital for all player especially the 3 new signing. Owen, Obertan & Valencia. While Valencia will fill in the right flank roll nicely, its a fighting for the 1st XI for both new signing. Gua still x ble percaya that we have sign Owen. But its true that Owen does fill the gap left by Tevez. Maybe when Owen have settled down with the team, he can show whether he still have the predatory instinct anymore.
Finishing position: 2nd. 1st if Chelsea change their manager again. Why? Ronaldo effect. For the 1st half season, we need to adapt. I only can see that when 2nd half of the season take place. Then MU will blazing all front. Problem is, with Liverpool, Chelsea & Man City in the final 10 games, we will definitely feel the heat. That is why Im rooting for MU to finish 2nd.
Chelsea actually a strong side. The problem with them is the manager. Without a good manager since Abrahamovic sack Mourinho, Chelsea play like a yo-yo.
Captain Terryific
With Terry, Alex & Calvalho towering in defence, Essien & Mikel patrolling the midfield area while Lampard, Ballack & Deco roaming in the final third not forgetting Drogba, Anelka & Kalou firing the gun-Chelsea look rock solid on paper. Another advantage that Chelsea have is their towering & tough presence. Gua mmg x suka bile lwn Chelsea. Why? Dgn tinggi & permainan keras diorg. Mmg ble buat tension seh!.
If they can take advantage of their disposal couple with good management skill from Ancelotti, they might win the league this season.
Finishing position: 1st. 3rd if change manager. Their league schedule is much better than the others. If they can take advantage of this element, they will definitely hard to catch.

"You can't win with kids" was Alan Hansen (formerly Liverpool player) most famous qoute. The same season, MU won the title with Giggs & others Fergie fledglings i.e. Becks, Scholesy, Neville's brother & Butt who are kids during that season. So don't write off Arsenal yet.
Fabregas will play big roles again for Arsenal
Last season we find out that the young side of Arsenal lead the table early of the season only to be whacked when the 2nd half of the season kick off. But this season it wont be the same. We will see Arsenal take on the teams like storm. With additional of their "new" player in Rosicky & Eduardo. Plus Vermauleen in CB will definitely shore up the defence. Up front is their main concern.
With losing Adebayor to Man City, Arsenal do not have a lanky striker up front. MU did show that before Berbatov join them, it is not a big problem for Rooney & Tevez to play up front. So its not a problem for Arsenal. The main concern are the team sustainability. Whether they can sustain to play beautiful football until season end.
Finishing position: 3rd. Their season schedule are the better of all top 4 team. With Man City pose a big threat in the final 10 games, they might finish higher if MU or Chelsea slip up.

If korg follow Football Focus with John Dykes every Tuesday 8pm on ESPN, non of the pundits believe that Liverpool can win the title let alone stay in the top 4. They are the one who going to push down by Man City.
Will both of them fit for season long?
Why? Too depending to Gerrard & Torres. Without both or one of them playing, Liverpool just drop their % to win to below than 40%. Thats show how much Gerrard & Torres meant to Rafa. Without any major signing during the transfer market. Finally losing Alonso to Real Madrid. Liverpool will struggle to follow last season performance. Itu x ckp psl their backline consist of Carragher & Skrtel. If b4 this, Liverpool are very proud of their defensive record. Since Carragher introduced in the central role of defense, that record gone.
Mmg la gua benci Liverpool. Its a fact. But gua just didnt have any praise to them. They dont add new player that can bring differences in a match. Torres is their only biggest signing. Why they cant buy or attract big names? Small transfer funds & small wages. Aquilani for £20M. Ridiculous, man. Gua suka Aquilani, tp mamat tuh x smpai harga tuh. Gaji kat Liverpool adalah lebih kurang mcm kat Arsenal je. That y susah nak attract big names.
Finishing position: 4th. Itupun if Man City x perform as expected. If Man City perform, bye2 Liver from the top 4 equation. Itu x cerita ttg final 10 games lagi, Liverpool need to play against MU & Chelsea. It will be difficult for them . But if they manage to play like last season, they can knick it.

The Real Madrid of BPL. Name the price, they will dump it to you. With the crazy transfer funds which they have invested more than £100M on Adebayor, Toure, Tevez, Barry, Santa Cruz etc, Man City & Real Madrid has made the transfer price rise crazily. Making other club difficult to get their target player in the region of their budget.
With the new squad in disposal, plus current player like Ireland, Given, Robinho & co, it will hard to leave Man City out of title contention. If Mark Hughes manage to gel these players to play as a team, they will definitely run the other team down into the drain.

Star in the making

The key player for them will be Given, Toure, Barry, Ireland & whoever playing up front. If they perform, the team will perform well. This players will be the foundation of the team. If they cant play well, then the Top 4 team of BPL will remain the same.
Finishing position: 5th. They might finish top 4 if any of the top 4 slip up.

Any dark horse team this season?
Nop. It will be between MU, Arsenal & Chelsea. While Liverpool & Man City will fight for 4th. Spurs might be the dark horse in finishing 4th. They have beaten Liverpool again at White Hart Lane last weekend. If they manage to play descent football weekend weekout, they might provide the surprise.

Hope our team will play their hearts out. Not only they will be playing for BPL, Champions league is another thing. Gua akan preview UCL when the playoff abis nanti.

Enjoy the season and let the best team win. Glory glory!!

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