Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dear.... Its our 2nd anniversary

Yes Dear...kite dah 2 tahun kawin. We've been through ups & down. You're there for me as I was there for u. Its true that sometime kite mmg gaduh. Gaduh besar ke gaduh kecil ke.. but in the end, we still stick together.
Before this anniversary, our marriage was put on a test that none other can challenge. You've been positive detected with H1N1. And for that, the doctor make a choice between you and the baby. And the doctor choose you over the baby.
Its up to our baby to survive it, dear. Thats what our baby need to endure before reaching out to this side of the world. Setiap kali abg doakan kesihatan syg..x pernah abg lupa doakan kesihatan baby sekali. Moga Allah lindungi kesihatan baby kita yek...
Alhamdulillah syg dah recover manakala baby pula showing good sign as well. Kita dah berusaha.. skrg berserah lah pada Allah utk keselamatan & kesihatan baby kita.
I've never doubt that I've made the right decision to marry u. Its ok for me to wait for almost a year before making my move to get to know u. Hehe... Coz I noe ur the one. You made my life complete. Thats y you are very important to me.
Happy 2nd Anniversary, Ermawati Ab Basir. May our marriage will last until the day we die.

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