Saturday, August 15, 2009

A few info about H1N1

Since Ema kena H1N1 & Alhamdulillah recover from it, gua found out a few things about this deadly virus that might be useful for all of us.

  1. The virus boleh berjangkit secara air borne - udara. Melalui bersin, batuk.
  2. If korg ader demam, selesema, other symptom H1N1 especially batuk... korg better pegi Specialist hospital rather than GH. GH overcrowded with ppl. Specialist hospital pon ramai org gak, but they will treat u right away.
  3. The doctor will check your lungs condition via stetescope & of coz x-ray. Then they will check your blood as well as take 2 sample from your nostril & throat for further test. Nostril sample result shows in 1 hour. Throat test result within 24 hours.
  4. If the result is positive...dont panic. The doctors skrg ni dah understand more about the virus than 2-3 bln lepas. They will give you the antiviral in order for your body to build up antibody to resist the virus naturally. Jgn lupa tawakal pada Allah jugak.
  5. Make sure drink plenty of air kelapa, fresh orange & eat apple. Yes...all the email fly around skrg ni mmg betul. Why? Vitamin C. Our body needs additional vitamin C utk our antibody.
  6. Most of the cases yg end up dgn kematian are from the risk group-Pregnant woman, Obesity ppl, Asmathic, kids & those yg berpenyakit kronik (your antibody is low). Others yg meninggal but not from the risk group are due to lmbt pergi cek kat doktor. Dah 3-4 hari demam pon x pegi klinik.
  7. Elakkan ar pergi tmpt yg ramai org. If x dpt elakkan, pakai ler mask.

One thing for sure. If korg dah recover from H1N1, u wont be infected again. Its like kena demam campak-once a lifetime. Thats y when Ema went for check up, Dr. Sakinah mention to us that Ema body has build the antibody. Gua pada mulanyer x paham. Then after further reading as well as listening from other stories, baru la gua tau.

Pape pon, take good care of your health. With the haze & rain weather skrg ni, its better to take extra precaution. Biarlah nampak pelik dimata org, as long as our health is fine-its good.

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