Monday, August 03, 2009

Men's magazine...

Gua x tau ttg korg, but gua smpai skrg masih x dpt carik men mag yg best mengikut description yg gua nak.
To me... a good men mag showcase:
  • Great cover story -doesn't mean about babes only.
  • Babes... of coz.
  • Movie review and previews.
  • Fashion info & tips about guys of coz.
  • Cool adventures story.
  • Cool places to go for holidays.
  • Cool music review,interviews & previews etc.
  • Cool happening in town or nearby.
  • Goods sports story line up.
  • Things that men should or not do.
  • Health guide.
  • Cool books review.
  • Others thing that make the mag cool!

So far... most of the mag either have some of the line up above or just LAME...

Bkn ape...since kawin ni.. gua dpt ar tgk woman mag i.e. Cleo, Women weekly or etc coz Ema buy it. So basically yg dpt gua simpulkan are that their mags got a lots of info plus the price is cheap. Half of our mag! Maybe the demand for men mag not as much as woman mag I guess.

A few Men Magazine Review:

  1. FHM (For Him Magazine) - Babe (s) cover photo. a lot of info i.e sex story, sexy babe story, New musics reviews, a lot of story that I dont know or doesnt care to know, Fashion that manager & above only afford etc. I like the babes of coz (especially the cover story about Megan Fox, Katy Perry & of coz my favourite Ana Ivanovic), but the mag more towards sex craving men and not for an average joe (kengkononnye gua la tu...wakaka).

  1. August Men - Man cover photo. Babes photo/story inside. lots of info as well as things as per I wanted above. But to thin for a mag costing RM10 bucks.

  2. M2 - Man cover photo. Still new to me. Need to go through a few month to get a better comments. Problem is the mag is 1 month late from normal publication date. Let say the month is August, the mag hit the market with July posted on the cover page.

  3. NewMan - Babe (s) cover photo. Almost identical like August Men. Comment pon same mcm August Men.
Actually there are a lot of Men mag out there i.e GQ, Playboy etc. But from the mags & criteria review above, Im still searching for the Man mag that I luv.
If korg tau any Man mags that korg nak gua try baca, komen k

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