Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Berbatov....flop or scapegoat?

Yes.. Selepas game Blackburn ahad lepas, most of the people blame Berbatov punca MU draw dgn Blackburn.

Aku pelik...yes Berbatov tak score. Tp does that mean that when he didnt score, MU will lose? Come on lah!! MU tak kalah...cuma draw.

Ewood park is a very hard place to come. Arsenal draw, Chelsea pon draw, Aston Villa kalah... Liverpool pon draw. Cuma Man City & Spurs jer menang kat sini. So its a very difficult place to win. But tipikal ABU, kalo MU draw pas kalah or out before that game...MU are done.

So sapa kita nak salahkan? Giggsy? dia blm dpt recapture his form sblm tgn dia injured. So sapa kita nak salahkan? Easy... blame it on Berbatov...

To be frank..mamat ni mmg nmpk teruk since MU beli dia dr Spurs. Dia tak score regularly mcm kat Spurs. Dia tak dpt main regularly pun mcm kat Spurs. So mmg ar senang nak blame Berbatov punca MU DRAW ngan Blackburn.
Tp kalo ko tgk game ni or every game dia main betul2. Dia jarang lepaskan possesion pada team lawan when the ball at his feet. He score goal but not regularly. He did mention he love creating goal rather than scoring them. So korg kena understand that he play as the 2nd striker....not the main striker. He like to play deep and once he got the ball, he will hold it until his teammates play up front of him so that he can pass the ball or maybe play 1-2 with them to score goals.
So sapa patut di salahkan? Actually the midfield. Valencia not finishing his golden chance..TWICE....We didnt create chance for the striker to score. Its important. Why? Just like Iniesta and Xavi for Barca. If not for them... Messi wont get beautiful passes to score them.
It will be hard for us to get back on the winning way. Dah ler this coming weekend Manchester darby at city of Manchester stadium. Really hope that Bolton can hold off Chelsea like last season.
Aku really hope that our midfield will reorganize so that the whole team can play like we normally play. We really missing Hargreaves in the front of the back 4. We really miss 1 libero to marshall the midfield. Hope somebody can fill that position ASAP.
Whatever it is...aku akan still sokong MU. Biarpon MU masuk Championship...

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