Saturday, April 03, 2010

Counting down....

This year the 2nd book of The Strain trilogy: The Fall will hit the bookstores.

I know that a lot of The Strain fans are waiting anxiously (like me) for the 2nd book. So I've google to find out when the 2nd book will hit the bookstores.

Borders says they will start selling from 25th May 2010 which mean only a month a way but when I check the HarperCollins, they will only start to sell the book on 21st Sept 2010. Mind u that this is not pre-sale date, it is sale date.

The Strain website also did not mention which date that the 2nd book going to hit the bookstores...which means that we just need to wait when they going to announce it sooner or later.

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P/s: Rumour has it that Del Toro going to come out with a miniseries instead of a movie...

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