Thursday, April 29, 2010

UCL Semifinal review

Gmbr kat atas ni picture everything about yesterday game between Barcelona & Inter. Inter deserverdly through to the final.

So what happen?

Inter goes to Nou Camp with an advantage from the 1st leg of 3-1. Ramai yg ingat Inter akan kalah coz of the way Barca main...nobody can defeat them @ Nou Camp. Mmg betul pon. Inter kalah 1-0 smlm. Tp still through to the final courtesy of heroic display of defensively after being reduce to 10 men cruelly to Academy Award nominee - Sergio Busquest.

Sib baik rambut aku lg lebat dr dia

After Motta dismissal, Inter play like all Italian team have to play when the situation required - Cataneccio defend. Tp Italian langsung dlm skuad Mourinho's Inter. Itu je yg aku tak berkenan dgn Mourinho.

Formation Inter pas Motta kena red card

Selepas berhempas pulas bermain dgn 10 org utk 70 over minutes...Inter dpt menahan asakan hebat Barca. Aku mmg sokong Inter dlm game ni. Not bcoz aku benci Barca. But more towards aku nak tgk Mourinho strategy against Guardiola strategy.
Its fair to say that Guardiola still new dlm managerial. Tp what a phenomenon achievement dia dpt in his 1st season as Manager. Sweeping all trophies available for grabs. Even Fergie pon tak pernah achieve mcm tu! Tp nmpknya...Mourinho still the master tactician.

Dejected Messi.
So..its a great prospect to watch Inter vs. Bayern in final. Both manager will be plying their tactician accordingly. And I really hope that Inter come out as the champion. Again..bkn psl Bayern kalahkan MU. But more bcoz all the way to the final..Bayern menang atas team yg main kurang 1 player. Dr Fiorentina....then MU...then the dissapointing Lyon. Semua kena kad merah. Kinda weird huh?
But problem with my prediction is...all the team that defeated MU along the way (knock-out phase) to the final....akan menang the title not their opponents.
Mintak2 ler Inter yg menang...

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